Addiction has been a part of our society and culture for quite some time, with drug and alcohol addiction being some of the most dangerous and life-altering disorders plaguing friends and family.

Public opinion and the taboo around seeking help for any condition is shifting, with media and academia sharing more research and supportive messages for those suffering to find help in regaining their independence from drugs or alcohol. It’s also important to personally understand the elements of addiction and how the cycle of dependency is so hard to break.

Drug Use Chases an Unreachable Target

One of the elements that drives addiction is the alteration of how your brain produces mood-altering chemicals. As substance abuse happens, your brain produces less chemicals due to your body having enough via drugs or alcohol. Triggering these receptors with an outside substance means they start operating less all the time, not just during drug use making previously enjoyable tasks less fun and exciting.

Furthering the chase is the self-conditioning of triggers to consume a substance such as a stressful situation or after a specific activity, leading to more and more anticipation for the substance and the desired effects. Over time, these tendencies make impulse control weaker turning a habitual use into an addictive one.

Closing the circle of addiction is heightened tolerance for the substance at hand. Now the brain and body have adjusted to the amount of drugs or alcohol, needing more and more of it to achieve the desired outcome. As such, the brain’s receptors continue to stop working as hard and the cycle continues.

Overcoming the Elements of Addiction

Watching the cycle of addiction impact yourself of someone you care about can feel like a hopeless situation, but remember that it’s never too late to break the cycle and start fresh.

Addiction takes time to develop so it does take time to overcome it too as the learned behaviors and physical dependencies must be handled with compassion and professional knowledge on addiction treatments. Sobriety can be difficult to achieve alone, which is why so many turn towards an environment surrounded by support such as the Live Free Structured Sober Living Homes.

Our team of drug and alcohol addiction specialists at Live Free Recovery Services is committed to helping anyone battling addiction in our New Hampshire communities. We put the health and safety of every guest first, making sure that every step taken during the recovery journey is the right one.

You Don’t Have To Fight Addiction Alone

We utilize a 12 Step approach in each of our sober living houses, with group sessions conducted to share experiences and understand that addiction is something that many of us are battling. With the same understanding of addiction created in group sessions, we’re able to then tailor the course of recovery for each guest.

By using this starting point, our medical staff is able to pinpoint the elements of addiction causing the problem and help to avoid relapses or concerns about impulse control. Visit the rest of our site to learn more or schedule a confidential consultation today.