Millions of Americans struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, and this number is even larger when you consider the families of people who are also affected. Many people worry that seeking drug or alcohol treatment may affect their responsibilities for their families or their job. Some people struggling with addiction may be responsible for children or may be a breadwinner for their families, and unable to take the time off work for an inpatient treatment program.

Luckily for many people struggling with addiction, the team at Live Free SSI offers another alternative for drug and alcohol addiction treatment – Intensive Outpatient Treatment. We’re looking a little closer at this program, including who it’s best for and what it covers.

Do I Need Rehabilitation Treatment?

It can be hard to admit that you need help quitting drinking or using drugs. In fact, many people may not realize they have a problem until they start experiencing negative health effects or trouble with the law. If you’re wondering if you need professional addiction treatment, here are a few things to consider:

  • You have been unable to quit on your own
  • You begin drinking or using drugs in the morning to combat withdrawal symptoms
  • Drinking has begun to affect your performance at work or in school
  • Your finances are suffering because of your drinking or drug use
  • You experience periods of black-outs when drinking
  • Your relationships with friends or family members are suffering because of your addiction

If drinking or drug use is keeping you from your favorite activities or a better quality of life, it’s okay to admit that you need professional help.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are for individuals who have a good support system at home, and who may have responsibilities, which as work or caring for family, that they can’t give up for 30 (or more) days of inpatient rehabilitation. The IOP is similar to inpatient treatment, in that participants learn more about the nature of addiction and the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and body, plus coping strategies to help overcome cravings.

The desire to use, and circumstances where an individual is “triggered” are also addressed. While each person is different and may have different circumstances that trigger an intense desire to drink or use drugs, many situations are the same. Feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety are common triggers, so intensive addiction treatment gives people insight into different coping mechanisms and behaviors to help them through these situations until the desire to use has passed.

IOP programs typically are a few hours each day, and participants will be tested for drug and alcohol use each day. Once the sessions are over, you’ll be assigned work to do on your own, such as journaling to help you gain insight into your own personal triggers, and help from trained addiction counselors to help you work through these triggers.

You may also have group and individual therapy, allowing you to form a greater network of support as you’re new in your journey to sobriety.

Start Your Treatment Today!

If you’re worried about your drug or alcohol use and need help, don’t put it off. You can get started today with a confidential assessment from a Live Free representative. We’ll help you understand your treatment options, and we accept many kinds of insurance, including Blue Cross Blue Shield. Don’t wait till tomorrow to seek treatment that works with your life responsibilities. Call us today or visit us online to chat and learn more.