Live Free Recovery Services is focused on providing the most comfortable and comprehensive addiction treatment for all of New Hampshire and much of the surrounding New England area. We understand that seeking treatment can be a tricky conversation to have with friends and family. It’s important to know that your treatment is as private as you want it to be, but talking about it with others to some degree can be extremely beneficial.

You Can Always Ask For Help

It doesn’t have to be a grand revelation that’s had with a loved one. Those around you that care about you won’t be the ones providing your treatment but instead they provide a listening and understanding shoulder to lean on. Live Free Recovery also utilizes a 12-step program, with one of the steps being the process of making amends to those that have been hurt during your time of problem substance use.

While amends don’t have to be met with forgiveness, it does mean that you’ll have to discuss some of the more difficult times in your substance abuse history. As tough as that can be, it’s an important healing step to show both yourself and those you’ve wronged that you’re working to be the person you were BEFORE the addiction to start living life how you actually want to.

Things To Consider Before a Conversation

If you do in fact want to share your story or progress with others, it’s important to understand that you’ve been mentally and physically impacted by prolonged substance abuse and that it can be easy to get defensive or emotional during the talk. Make a list of the pros and cons for speaking to each person as the choice is ultimately up to you. If you’ve decided to start up the discussion, what are you expecting from the conversation?

Know that if you’re looking for confirmation that you’re doing the right thing or praise for the steps you’ve taken, it may not be the best time to have the conversation. Going into it with any expectations can lead to disappointment and create a negative experience when you were anticipating a great one. If you’re talking to your family, specifically your parents, then you may want to leave out some of the more concerning details that aren’t pertinent to the conversation as they would only worry them more.

The only praise and back pats you need are from yourself as that’s the person making the choice to get help and also the person that will benefit the most from it. A story of triumph and success can always be shared and, at times, can be exactly what someone needs to hear. If a friend or family member is a recovered or recovering substance abuser then a conversation about your journey could spark their drive to seek help themselves or share their own experiences of becoming sober to give a little insight.

It All Starts With a Confidential Conversation

Our team of addiction recovery specialists has dedicated its entire career to crafting the most compassionate and understanding addiction treatment programs available. Don’t let you or someone you know struggle with addiction any longer. Reach out to the Live Free Recovery team today to discuss your situation and how we can help.