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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Knowing common signs of drug abuse and addiction can help you get closer to finding out whether one of your friends, relatives, or loved ones may need treatment at a drug rehab center. The latest report from SAMHSA states that in 2014, 16.3 million adults in the U.S. had an alcohol use disorder and 6.2 million had […]

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The Right Way to Do Sober Living

Sober Living Homes in New Hampshire are springing up everywhere. This is truly needed and will help many. But what about oversight? Currently, in New Hampshire, there is no oversight committee in place. This is changing, but what is happening now to protect this vulnerable section of the population from homes that are not doing […]

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Mantra Training at Live Free Structured Sober Living

3000 years ago mantras began being composed in Vedic Sanskrit in India. Mantras now exist in many various schools of teaching. These include Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. A mantra (Sanskrit: मन्त्र, translator. mantra, English pronunciation /ˈmæntrə, ˈmɑːn-, ˈmʌn-/)[2] is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words […]


Lynn and Justin

  I remember choosing the best pediatrician for my children when they were young.   Later, when it was time for high school Justin wanted to explore the opportunity to attend private school.  We toured the schools, went on interviews and he was accepted to several, making his final choice at an amazing school in […]

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2019 Live Free Camping Trip

The men at Live Free Structured Sober Living will be gearing up for sober camping and hiking trip with our favorite Recovery support Thrive Outdoors in June 2019 to the White Mountain National Forest. They will participate in hiking, camping, and swimming at Welton Falls. Time will also be spent at a yurt on the […]


Open House at Our Keene NH Location

Live Free Structured Sober Living in Keene, NH will be hosting their first open house at the new location. On March 23, 2019, there will be an opportunity for those in the addiction treatment field, the addiction recovery community, and the public to all come together. Utilizing the group room area on the Live Free […]

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Having a Community in Sober Living

When it comes to recovery for drug addiction and alcoholism little can be accomplished without helping people get connected to a strong community. At Live Free Structured Sober Living homes in NH, one of our main goals is to create a strong community focused on recovery from addiction. We aim to provide a feeling of […]