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A New Adventure For The Men Of Live Free

The men at Live Free will be gearing up for a camping trip on September 10th, 2016 to the White Mountain National Forest. They will hike, camp, and swim at Welton Falls. Time will also be spent at a yurt on the side of Mt. Cardigan. The alumni, current residents and 12 step volunteers are welcome. Thrive […]

Live Free Meets With Sen. Kelly Ayotte On Heroin Bill

Merrimack resident, and Live Free Structured Sober Living Director, Ryan Gagne and U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte met to go over the Comprehensive Addiction And Recovery Act, the federal government’s efforts to deal with the heroin and opioid crisis. “Live Free Structured Sober Living is a critically important recovery program, and I appreciated the discussion we […]

The Strength of Positive Community

Live Free Structured Sober Living Staff have worked to create peer ran community founded off of the spiritual principle of Unity. The philosophy of Live Free is that of the men of the house holding each other accountable with love and compassion. Men provide each other feedback on a daily basis on areas that they […]

Live Free Service Project Results

The Live Free staff have worked diligently to create service projects for the Men to begin to learn the spiritual benefits of altruism. The New Hampshire Foodbank has graciously opened their doors for the men of Live Free to be off service. Many of the men have had very little exposer to being of service to the community […]

Life Skills

Through years of active drug addiction it is common to lose sight of all things that are tied to the responsibilities of functioning as a productive member of society. At Live Free Structured Sober Living men are provided the opportunity, and outlet to evaluate their current skills for truly participating in life. In the orientation phase of the Program […]

Restoring Hope

Learning to Give in order to Receive The men of Live Free have begun to learn and adapt a major spiritual principle in their personal recoveries, service to others. As part of the transfer from the Orientation phase into the Working/Transition phase the men participate in community service. Many of the men in the house have yet to […]

Living In The Present With Ob

Sometimes the best way to comprehend spiritual principles is to see them in action. Ob spends most of his day walking around the Live Free Structured Sober Living facility teaching the men how to live in the present moment. Ob is a 4 year old Pointer Boarder Collie mix. On more than one occasion participants […]

‘Live Free’ Has Opened Its Doors!

Today begins a new chapter in the book of addiction recovery in New Hampshire. Actually, Live Free Structured Sober Living is one of several new recovery supports being introduced locally at a crucial time during this horrifying addiction epidemic. So, in a time when unfocused anger and reactive politics shroud public understanding of addiction and […]