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At Live Free Recovery, we use a client-focused approach that allows us to meet the needs of everyone who comes into our care. Our goal is to provide the support and tools that are truly transformational, and our staff is committed to helping individuals achieve true recovery.

We offer a full continuum of care to help every patient experience a safe, long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Substance abuse disorders affect more than 20 million people in the United States.

When left untreated, substance abuse can lead to numerous problems, including job loss, financial distress, impaired relationships, health problems, and death.

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Austin Tx Sober Living

Are you searching for the best Austin, TX, sober living? Hickory Wind Ranch is a preeminent and fully-furnished sober living home in Austin in the vicinity of Town Lake and the historic downtown district. Our comprehensive recovery approach allows our guests to regain control of their body, mind, and soul and enables them to adjust to the outside world one day at a time.

How we make our guests' stay at our Austin sober living fun and meaningful?

The process of healing at our Texas sober homes follows more of an exuberant and fun approach. We aim to address our guests' physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being with a variety of recovery support programs.

Our guests engage in CrossFit sessions regularly to maintain physical fitness and reduce stress. Our ATX Mentor Network provides residents 30 uninterrupted minutes of virtual meetings, valuable guidance, career tips, professional advice, all coming from over 100 experienced professionals. To improve our residents' mental wellness and emotional stability, we engage them in weekly breath-work sessions, enabling them to eliminate their stagnant energies and lead a healthy and gratifying life.

Benefits of choosing a sober living with recovery support programs 

Recovery support programs can make your stay at a sober living house more fruitful in addition to solidifying your commitment to sobriety. While most people use the time at sober living to find employment and make amends with loved ones, a little expert nudge and guidance can help you accomplish these goals more efficiently.

Recovery support programs in the form of physical fitness lessons, breath-work sessions, career guidance/counseling, mentorship, etc., can equip you with essential life skills to lead a healthy, happy, and successful life. Recovery support programs can also significantly reduce your chances of relapse and enable you to maintain sustainable sobriety over the years.

Why should you consider staying at a sober living?

While nobody likes staying in a controlled environment, it is essential to consider a sober living arrangement if you lack a proper support system or find your current living setup stressful and triggering. Our Texas sober living communities can open many doors for you professionally, help you build new friendships, and help you gain a new perspective on life.

Even if you feel confident about staying sober, staying at a sober living in Austin, TX, after returning from rehab can benefit you in several ways. At a sober home, you can use your time to fix broken relationships with loved ones, find a new place to live, develop coping mechanisms to tackle triggers and cravings, etc. Our transitional living in Austin, TX, also offers job assistance and referrals and helps our guests find employment. Above all, if you yearn for a stable and supportive space with people that you can count on, an Austin TX sober living is what you need.

Get in touch with one of us, at Hickory Wind Ranch, at 512 598 5165 for more details on our Austin, TX, sober living. As one of the pioneer sober living houses in Austin, we offer gratifying recovery support services that can prepare you for a happy, healthy, and successful life.

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