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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine has left a path of destruction in its wake, just like alcohol dependency. The high attained after using cocaine only lasts a short while, meaning users have to smoke a considerable amount of the drug to maintain the high for extended periods. Since the effects of cocaine are short-lived, a lot of users overdose in an attempt to extend its effects.

Many people use cocaine because it improves their cognitive function while giving them focus and energy. Yet, it comes with the risk of addiction. At Chapter Recovery Center, our cocaine detox combined with our holistic, comprehensive treatment modalities can help you break the addiction to the drug. We offer the tools and strategies you need to recover and achieve lasting sobriety.

Reasons Why Medical Detox is Highly Recommended for Cocaine Quitters

Cocaine withdrawal often manifests as severe psychological symptoms, which include:

  • Slow movements
  • Extreme agitation
  • Mental and emotional discomfort
  • Depression that can cause suicidal thoughts if left untreated
  • Increased appetite
  • Fatigue coupled with insomnia
  • Intense nightmares

Withdrawal from cocaine can be life-threatening. Although the physical withdrawal symptoms are not as deadly as severe alcohol addiction or other drugs like heroin, cocaine withdrawal can indirectly pose a threat to life. Withdrawal from the drug can cause depression, increasing the risk of suicide. This makes medically-supervised detox a crucial part of recovery from cocaine addiction.

Usually, withdrawal from cocaine addiction is so uncomfortable that users attempt to treat the symptoms with alcohol and other drugs. Under medical supervision, withdrawal can be controlled in a supportive environment with short-term use of FDA-approved medications and therapy, preventing the risk of switching one addiction for another. In addition, medically-monitored detox increases the chances of lifelong recovery.

Physical Stabilization

The first goal of cocaine detox is physical stabilization. Cocaine is a potent stimulant that’s used repetitively over a short period of time. This increases the risk factors and side effects of the drug. However, a secure and safe environment for detoxification under round-the-clock supervision by substance abuse treatment specialists can offer the smoothest detox possible.

As one of the leading cocaine and alcohol detox treatment centers, we provide top-of-the-line treatment and support to effectively manage withdrawal, ease the suffering of addiction, and reduce any life-threatening effects. Our detox program is tailored to each individual after a detailed assessment to evaluate the underlying cause of cocaine addiction. We treat the psychological symptoms of withdrawal from cocaine as they arise. Further, our experienced team of addiction treatment specialists conducts psychological evaluations regularly and prescribes medications as necessary.

Get the Help You Need to Overcome Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a dangerous, highly addictive drug that it doesn’t matter whether you use it frequently or in small doses. This makes it critical to seek help immediately before it leads to long-term cognitive impairment, sudden cardiac arrest, or an overdose. In our cocaine detox and detox from alcohol, you’ll receive second to none care and support to overcome your addiction. Contact Chapter Recovery Center for the best addiction therapies, including alcohol abuse disorder treatment. Receive a free consultation and verify your insurance: 877-recovery/877-732-6837.

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