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Florida Drug Rehab

Florida Drug Rehab

When talking about drug abuse, there is a fine line between substance use disorder and mental conditions, either caused or worsened by the substance in question. This is why rehabilitation centers focus on treating both the physical and physiological symptoms of the drug abuse and the underlying mental problem coming along with them. Meridian Treatment Solutions not only sticks to the canon treatments but also looks to innovate and improve its approaches.

This leads us to Florida drug rehab programs, being developed to fill the patient’s needs, as not all of them respond the same to the treatment. It all depends on the patient’s age, medical background, the degree to which the addiction has settled, how long the addiction has been active for, the individual’s determination and many other factors.

What does matter, though, is that the treatment should have several aspects into consideration. Since substance addiction can inflict a lot of harm, in ways that go beyond the individual’s physical composure, the approach needs to be equally versatile. This means that an effective drug rehab program has to:

- Counter the physical and psychological symptoms of drug addiction

- Control withdrawal side-effects

- Treat and control any extra-mental condition the patient might possess that could impend the rehabilitation process

- Offer psychological and emotional support

- Educate and prepare the addict for the reintegration within the society

- Strengthen the bonds between the patient and his family and friends

- Make sure the possibility of relapse is as low as possible

What this shows is that Florida drug rehab strategies rely on multiple aspects, aiming to deliver top, long-lasting results.

The best rehab programs in the business

Because addiction is tough to overcome, we have built and polished several programs to deal with all the health, mental and social problems coming from continuous substance abuse. These include:

1. Substance Use Disorder Program

One of the first and most important phases of drug rehabilitation is controlling the initial and most severe manifestations of the condition. Withdrawal needs to be kept under control, which requires intensive medication, physical and psychological support, along with other useful therapies and motivational seminaries.

2. The Bridge Program

The Bridge is a treatment strategy which focuses on two main aspects: Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Both of them have been developed as a coping mechanism when dealing with mental issues whose influence could diminish the efficiency of the rehab program. Which is why they need to be kept under strict control as well.

3. The Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis refers to specific rehab strategies aiming to tackle both the addiction and the mental disorders it comes along with at once. A dual strategy for double the benefits.

4. The Heroes Alumni

An innovative rehab program based on personalized care, intensive body, mind and spirit support, combined with all the attention the patient needs to overcome his condition.

Florida drug rehab programs developed by Meridian Treatment Solutions embody efficiency and professionalism and aim at assisting addicts on their way to a new, happier life in the company of the loved ones.

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