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Outpatient Rehab Louisville

Outpatient Rehab Louisville

At Solutions Counseling Center, we offer an outpatient treatment program in Louisville, KY, to help you build lifelong success habits. Our outpatient rehab center gives you convenient access to world-class drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We use proven and evidence-based treatment to help people of all ages overcome their addiction. 

Programs at our outpatient rehab in Louisville, KY, are modeled. Our staff of highly experienced counselors takes a professional and effective approach to help patients gain and maintain recovery.

Our Outpatient Treatment

Solutions Counseling Center is a top rehab center in Louisville, KY. People who are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction problems in their life come to us for treatment. We'll design a treatment plan that suits your help.

We treat three levels of addiction: individuals with mild, moderate, and severe drug and alcohol use disorder symptoms. No matter what level you are in your addiction recovery, our clinical staff can help you recover from addiction and provide treatment services that will meet your needs.

Our Treatment Staff

Our clinical staff has been trained in treating substance use disorders and continually receives training every year to keep up with the most advanced evidence-based treatments. Having a well-trained staff with special skills helps provide patients with an opportunity to explore their recovery goals, review attitudes and feelings regarding substance abuse. Our professional staffs operate from positive perspectives and provide friendly and compassionate care to your current situation.

What To Expect After Our OP Program?

It's essential for those who complete our outpatient treatment care to stay connected for a lifetime. Once you successfully enter our outpatient rehab in Louisville, you become family. You will be around those on a similar journey. Lifelong relationships can be established during your treatment, and reuniting with friends and family is one of our primary goals. At Solutions Counseling Center, we are dedicated to helping you stay connected with us. We aim to help you continue your addiction recovery through an aftercare and support network.

Benefits of Outpatient Care

Our outpatient care is suitable for people who cannot break away from family, school, or work schedules. Even if you have a hectic work life, there will always be time to work on yourself, attend to family responsibilities and recover from addiction. You can balance your addiction treatment and everyday life with the support of our dedicated team.

We don't restrict you to 24-hour care during your outpatient care at Solutions Counseling Center. Our doctors and therapists work together to guide you through your treatment process and decide the best method to treat your substance abuse. We can assure you that your treatment plan will be unique to your recovery goals.

Reach Out To Us For Outpatient Rehab Louisville

If you or a loved one needs help with substance abuse, the expert medical team at Solutions Counseling Center can help. Contact us today at 502-384-2100 to start your well-deserved journey. We provide a tranquil environment for building the foundation of your sober lifestyle.

Outpatient Rehab Louisville

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