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Utah Trauma Therapy

Psychological and emotional traumas are often at the core of the addictive behavior. To ensure the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program, you need urgent Utah trauma therapy. At Utah Addiction Centers, we offer comprehensive therapy services as part of a holistic and life-defining treatment.

How do you treat emotional trauma?

The type and duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the problem you’re facing. Some people cope with emotional traumas, grief, and loss better than others. For some, the pain and suffering can become unbearable over time, which will steer then into adopting radical measures. Many victims will self-medicate, attempting to find some relief from their mental torment.

That’s when addiction comes in, as the patient ends up misusing the drugs due to a lack of knowledge and expertise. The safest and most effective way to correct that problem is by joining the rehabilitation program fast. If you’re dealing with co-occurring disorders, you need to enter a dual-diagnosis-centered rehab facility, where you will get proper treatment and assistance.

What is a dual diagnosis in substance abuse?

Dual diagnosis refers to showing symptoms of co-occurring disorders, where one patient struggles with both addiction and one or more mental disorders. While emotional traumas are not diseases in and of themselves, they can serve as the foundation for future anxiety disorders, depression, and other conditions. In many cases, they will also trigger the addictive behavior, luring the patient on a path of substance abuse and addiction.

Dual diagnosis is a clinical term, which means it has clinical solutions. Our Utah trauma therapy relies on medication, behavioral therapy, counseling, and aftercare to help you manage your condition. We use highly advanced therapy procedures like EMDR and neurofeedback to:

  • Address negative emotions and feelings
  • Promote positivity and calmness
  • Help you accept and overcome the pain
  • Allow you to make peace with yourself, as well as those who wronged you, etc.

How are dual diagnosis patients treated?

The treatment begins in a high-end facility, where you will undergo a series of procedures, including:

  • Preliminary clinical and psychiatric assessment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for detox and stabilization
  • Holistic treatment for the body, mind, and spirit (behavioral therapies, EMDR, recreational activities, etc.)
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Lifestyle improvements
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Aftercare support, etc.

Although substance addiction has no cure, you can live your life as a free and healthy individual. You only need the right guidance and support along the way, and our team of experts will provide you with just that.

Does trauma ever go away?

Yes, so long as you are willing to accept help for your problems. Most people don’t know how to cope with the traumatic events that have shaped their lives, so they resort to substance abuse to numb their pain. Our Utah trauma therapy offers a better, healthier, and safer alternative. At our rehab and recovery centers, you will rediscover the joy and the peace of mind of a truly free individual.

Contact us, at Utah Addiction Centers, and come for a screening today! It’s time to heal and seek for a better more fulfilling life.

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