The Strength of Positive Community

Live Free Structured Sober Living Staff have worked to create peer ran community founded off of the spiritual principle of Unity. The philosophy of Live Free is that of the men of the house holding each other accountable with love and compassion. Men provide each other feedback on a daily basis on areas that they believe are, or could be troublesome. Men are encouraged by staff and each other to respect one another at all times, even when there are disagreements in the house. When disagreements arise that the men themselves cannot work through staff trained in Crisis Intervention will step in and facilitate a mediation. Being proactive in preventing negativity from spreading within the community is a top priority for staff. It does not take long for a small resentment amongst men to spread throughout the entire house.

Each week in the Community Meeting on Thursday nights the group facilitator encourages men to hold each other accountable, and discuss conflicts amongst one another. The facilitators goal of each week is to reestablish a foundation of unity. When the men have a sense of being united they are easily able to push aside conflicts, and work together to establish long-lasting recovery. This unity is achieved by not only the men holding each other accountable for their actions, but offering their fellows assistance in any manner necessary for them to overcome their difficulties.

Through Positive Community, the challenges of early Recovery begin to look like small tasks instead of large barriers. Where life’s problems use to pile up on individuals, now the Unity that men find in one another can become a vital tool in their recoveries here at Live Free. The power of Unity and togetherness can brighten up anyone’s life.

Live Free Service Project Results

The Live Free staff have worked diligently to create service projects for the Men to begin to learn the spiritual benefits of altruism. The New Hampshire Foodbank has graciously opened their doors for the men of Live Free to be off service. Many of the men have had very little exposer to being of service to the community in which they live, if any at all. It has not been uncommon for men to be resistant to going to participate in these community projects, after participating in these projects all of the men gain a new perspective. This new perspective is demonstrated by their eagerness to seek other opportunities to serve the community of Manchester.

The most recent project stemmed from the Founder of Live Free watching a video of a little girl facilitating a fund raiser for the less fortunate. This girl collected hygiene items and food and made what she referred to as “Blessing Bags” and handed these out to the homeless population in Manchester. Ryan the Founder of Live Free decided to replicate this project. Once all of the items were collected the Men of Live Free worked together to fill these bags and went out with Staff and volunteers from the community and handed these bags out. They walked through the parks of Manchester and past New Horizons handing these bags out. Many of the men went above and beyond by offering kind words and some even providing individuals with their phone numbers if they found themselves needing help later on. The participants of Live Free have decided that as the weather warms up they would like to make this activity a regular occurrence. After handing out the Blessing Bags one of the men stated “It felt amazing to have a purpose”.

Life Skills

Through years of active drug addiction it is common to lose sight of all things that are tied to the responsibilities of functioning as a productive member of society. At Live Free Structured Sober Living men are provided the opportunity, and outlet to evaluate their current skills for truly participating in life. In the orientation phase of the Program an experienced staff member individually evaluates each man. In this evaluation process men are motivated towards raising their standards and diligently working to become the man that they have always wanted to be. Staff work one-on-one, and in a group setting towards enabling men to identify areas of their lives in which they want to recreate, and establish measurable goals and time frames for their achievement. As this process is underway men are introduced to opportunities and new experiences to open their minds and push them to go further. These opportunities and experiences include community service projects, financial workshops, culinary courses, and college campus tours, or may be as simple as taking the bus to a dentist appointment. At Live Free Structured Sober Living we believe that each man is limited by self-judgment and doubt and it is the main focus of staff to identify these barriers and help men over come them.

The men of Live Free after only a week of being in the house have began to set up medical appointments, take care of bills that have been avoided due to drug addiction, looked into going back to school and a long list of other actions that had been neglected as a result of their substance use. After a month and a half at Live Free two of the men are back to work, and working towards the ultimate goal of the Life Skills programming, which is to not only recover from their Substance Abuse Disorder but become fully self sufficient while entering a recovered state of mind and body. Live Free defines being self sufficient as no longer looking for hand outs financially or emotionally from loved ones and/or friends, but for each man to step up and fulfill their financial commitments and the responsibilities it takes to be a productive member of society.

Our Open House Was A HUGE Success!

The Live Free Structured Sober Living Open House was a big success for us and for the city of Manchester, NH. A huge thanks goes out to all that came out and supported us! Check out the local media coverage here:

Live Free Structured Sober Living Open House

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Live Free Structured Sober Living has already opened their doors to welcome men to Recover from Substance Use Disorders, and now they would like to open their doors to you. Live Free will be hosting an Open House on January 19th from 4-6 PM. This will provide the opportunity to take a tour of Live Free’s lavish estate and to learn about the programming structure that the Live Free staff have put forth to help their participants work towards overcoming their struggles with addiction and become the men that they have always wanted to be. This event will allow the opportunity for local providers to meet and hear from treatment providers from across New England, and provide a relaxing environment to discuss how we can all help the community at large. Please join us for refreshments and conversation. We look forward to uniting with you for this great cause.

To RSVP contact or call 1-877-932-6757.

‘Live Free’ Has Opened Its Doors!

Today begins a new chapter in the book of addiction recovery in New Hampshire. Actually, Live Free Structured Sober Living is one of several new recovery supports being introduced locally at a crucial time during this horrifying addiction epidemic. So, in a time when unfocused anger and reactive politics shroud public understanding of addiction and of recovery, Live Free has been quietly building a nest from the strongest elements available. We have been improving upon our years of experience in the field of residential aftercare for men. We have been reimagining the client experience in a way that involves his whole being, his family, and his community. And we have been tightly binding a committed team of peers in recovery and a forward-thinking community around a singular cause: Freedom from the need for relief through mind-altering substances.

Today marks the beginning of a process for a first handful of recovering men that cultivates their inner strengths while filling gaps between each man’s good intentions and his unintended actions.

Today marks Day One of a talented team of staff that gets out of bed thinking of new ways to improve conditions and to help residents over the divide between inpatient treatment and lifelong, sustained recovery.

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