Our Open House Was A HUGE Success!

The Live Free Structured Sober Living Open House was a big success for us and for the city of Manchester, NH. A huge thanks goes out to all that came out and supported us! Check out the local media coverage here:

Live Free Structured Sober Living Open House

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Live Free Structured Sober Living has already opened their doors to welcome men to Recover from Substance Use Disorders, and now they would like to open their doors to you. Live Free will be hosting an Open House on January 19th from 4-6 PM. This will provide the opportunity to take a tour of Live Free’s lavish estate and to learn about the programming structure that the Live Free staff have put forth to help their participants work towards overcoming their struggles with addiction and become the men that they have always wanted to be. This event will allow the opportunity for local providers to meet and hear from treatment providers from across New England, and provide a relaxing environment to discuss how we can all help the community at large. Please join us for refreshments and conversation. We look forward to uniting with you for this great cause.

To RSVP contact or call 1-877-932-6757.

‘Live Free’ Has Opened Its Doors!

Today begins a new chapter in the book of addiction recovery in New Hampshire. Actually, Live Free Structured Sober Living is one of several new recovery supports being introduced locally at a crucial time during this horrifying addiction epidemic. So, in a time when unfocused anger and reactive politics shroud public understanding of addiction and of recovery, Live Free has been quietly building a nest from the strongest elements available. We have been improving upon our years of experience in the field of residential aftercare for men. We have been reimagining the client experience in a way that involves his whole being, his family, and his community. And we have been tightly binding a committed team of peers in recovery and a forward-thinking community around a singular cause: Freedom from the need for relief through mind-altering substances.

Today marks the beginning of a process for a first handful of recovering men that cultivates their inner strengths while filling gaps between each man’s good intentions and his unintended actions.

Today marks Day One of a talented team of staff that gets out of bed thinking of new ways to improve conditions and to help residents over the divide between inpatient treatment and lifelong, sustained recovery.

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