Live Free Structured Sober Living

Sober Living Homes in Manchester, NH

Live Free Structured Sober Living Has Sober Living Homes For Men And Women Located In Manchester, NH.

Our sober living homes in Manchester, NH offer the best accommodations to begin or maintain your journey in addiction recovery. Updated housing with a personal touch lets you feel like you are right at home in Manchester, NH while you gain solid footing your sobriety. Live Free Structured Sober Living originated in Manchester, NH and loves this city.oversight for our sober living homes in NH.

When You Step Onto Elm St. On A Sunny Afternoon In Manchester, NH…

you can tell you are in the largest city in New Hampshire. When you are thirsty for some incredible Cuban Coffee visit the local Cafe. Want some award-winning food? Multiple restaurants have top awards in a small area. You will never be bored in Manchester, NH with the SNHU Arena located right in Downtown. Concerts, comedy, and some of the largest shows from across the world perform here as well as hockey. Recovery Meetings area available all day at Hope for New Hampshire. Their amazing center lets those in recovery come to relax, hit some meetings, have events and fun in sobriety. The addiction recovery community is strong in Manchester, NH with large meetings in many fellowships as well as support for Medicated Assisted Treatment.

Men’s Sober Living House

Our Men’s Sober Living Home in Manchester, MH has 21 beds available in a stunning victorian home. The entire sober living house has been modernized with all the needed amenities.

This stunning 5,200 square foot Victorian sober living home in Manchester, NH is newly renovated and furnished with amenities that make it easy for anyone to call home. This sober living house comfortably hosts 21 residents at one time, including two live-in Staff members. The house is located in the city of Manchester, NH. This location offers a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy the city, its culture, the recovery community, and vast work opportunities, without sacrificing the ability to enjoy the outdoors.

With only a one hour drive to the White Mountains, the Lakes Region, and the ocean, our guests can experience some of the best parts of New England’s outdoors, while still residing in the state’s largest city. From the front door to downtown is just a moderate walk, passing outdoor restaurants, coffee shops, and unique attractions. The Live Free Structured Sober Living House sits along a bus line, allowing for easy travel around the city for sober living guests who do not have vehicles. There is also a large pocket of enthusiastic people in recovery within the city who we will help guests get involved with.

Women’s Sober Living House

Our Women’s Sober Living Home in Manchester, NH is located in a beautiful home that instatntly makes you feel comfortable.

When you step into our women’s sober living home in Manchester, NH you already feel like you live there. Neatly decorated with a feminine touch, our goal was to provide an environment that has our guests comfortable and serene while they are in a women’s sober living home in Manchester, NH.

Most of our guests have come from less than optimal living environments. We aim to combine a cozy, clean, and serene sober living women’s house in Manchester, NH with the guidance, structure, and accountability needed to be successful in your new life in Recovery from addiction.