If you have private insurance and need help fighting a substance use disorder, here’s what you need to know about your coverage and available treatment options at drug rehab.

How Do Covered Rehab Services Work?

Addiction and substance use disorders are extremely complex and often require a wide range of treatments based on a person’s unique situation. Some people may only need behavioral counseling to overcome the root causes of their substance use disorder (such as trauma), while others may need counseling plus intensive care in drug detox to safely recover from drug and alcohol dependence. Many drug rehab centers like Live Free Structured Sober Living will tailor treatment plans for each patient based on their unique recovery needs.

Here’s how rehab services covered under private insurance plans work to treat addiction.

What If Your Health Plan Doesn’t Cover Rehab Services?

Most private insurance plans cover rehab services, but if your plan doesn’t, you still have plenty of options when it comes to paying for treatment.

First, consider speaking with your employer. Your employer may offer special assistance for those with substance use disorders or be willing to pay for your treatment if it results in your becoming healthier and more productive in the workplace. If you are worried about discretion, stigma, or repercussions, your company’s human resources department can speak with you in private to discuss your available options.

Next, be completely upfront with the drug rehab center about your financial situation to learn more about your available payment options. Many treatment centers are willing to work with you financially so you can receive treatment as needed. You may be able to set up a monthly payment plan or be eligible for sliding scale fees in which the cost of treatment is adjusted to your income level.

If you still need help covering the cost of drug rehab, look into your options for other health insurance plans, if possible. You may need to choose another health plan that covers the cost of rehab services so you can achieve long-term abstinence and go on to live a more fulfilling, drug-free lifestyle.