Through years of active drug addiction it is common to lose sight of all things that are tied to the responsibilities of functioning as a productive member of society. At Live Free Structured Sober Living men are provided the opportunity, and outlet to evaluate their current skills for truly participating in life. In the orientation phase of the Program an experienced staff member individually evaluates each man. In this evaluation process men are motivated towards raising their standards and diligently working to become the man that they have always wanted to be. Staff work one-on-one, and in a group setting towards enabling men to identify areas of their lives in which they want to recreate, and establish measurable goals and time frames for their achievement. As this process is underway men are introduced to opportunities and new experiences to open their minds and push them to go further. These opportunities and experiences include community service projects, financial workshops, culinary courses, and college campus tours, or may be as simple as taking the bus to a dentist appointment. At Live Free Structured Sober Living we believe that each man is limited by self-judgment and doubt and it is the main focus of staff to identify these barriers and help men over come them.

The men of Live Free after only a week of being in the house have began to set up medical appointments, take care of bills that have been avoided due to drug addiction, looked into going back to school and a long list of other actions that had been neglected as a result of their substance use. After a month and a half at Live Free two of the men are back to work, and working towards the ultimate goal of the Life Skills programming, which is to not only recover from their Substance Abuse Disorder but become fully self sufficient while entering a recovered state of mind and body. Live Free defines being self sufficient as no longer looking for hand outs financially or emotionally from loved ones and/or friends, but for each man to step up and fulfill their financial commitments and the responsibilities it takes to be a productive member of society.