Alcoholism is still the largest problem in the State of New Hampshire, it actually contributes to more people addicted than all substances combined.

Many people focus much of their conversation towards the opioid epidemic but at Live Free Structured Sober Living in NH, we still see steady numbers of garden variety alcoholics that prefer to drink alcohol rather than use illicit drugs.

Detox from alcohol is still one of the only substances that could be fatal if folks are not careful. Individuals should seek medical care for their withdrawals from alcohol. Detox from benzodiazepines can also be fatal. Individuals seeking detox from them should also seek medical care just like those withdrawing from alcohol. Alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawals can lead to seizures and other life-threatening symptoms including delirium tremens.

According to a national study on drug use and health from 2014 to 2015. New Hampshire had some of the highest rates of substance abuse by youth and young adults in the country. Back in 2014-15, another study conducted in New Hampshire found that we had some of the highest rates of addiction amongst young people in the country. Abuse and misuse of alcohol was also found to kill more than other substances as well.

New Hampshire also typically ranks top 5 amongst the highest in the country for binge drinking states.

We do have our fair share of colleges that are known for partying as well as academics. New Hampshire also makes tremendous revenue from the sale of alcohol. New Hampshire is one of the few states that surround us that sells alcohol on Sunday. We also make it easy to buy alcohol from out of state by providing liquor stores right on the highway. Getting your weekend alcohol is as easy as jumping on the highway and it is even tax-free.

Live Free Structured Sober Living has found is that a structured environment is even more important to individuals recovering from alcoholism than ever.

Alcohol is prevalent in almost all environments, so to offer an environment that is alcohol and substance-free is crucial to those in early recovery. Live Free Structured Sober Living in NH allows for guests to get a solid foundation in their recoveries enabling to more easily handle these natural environments that have alcohol in them. The promise is that if the individual does the work in recovery and continues to that he can go anywhere as free man alcohol or substance free. They will no longer need to shield themselves from alcohol, this is the REAL GIFT of Recovery.