For many people entering into sobriety,

staying in their home environment is either not an option or good idea. They have gone to drug or alcohol detox and even residential treatment. Which has been known to be 30 days, but today is more like 14-21. This one of the many reasons why people looking to continue in their sobriety should take the next step into a sober living home. Live Free Structured Sober living in NH is set up to allow an individual the needed time and supports to succeed in their sobriety. There are many types and here we would like to discuss some of the major ones.

One common sober living environment is known as the Oxford House Sober Living. These are sober living homes that are run by the community of residents. They are completely self-governed, there is a list of chores, must remain abstinent, and house specific rules.  But other than that there is not much oversite.

Then you have a sober living home that is governed by a “house manager”. This person is usually in long term recovery themselves and is in good standing with the owner of the sober living home. Occasionally the owner is operating the home themselves. There are house rules, drug testing, curfew, choirs, mandatory peer support attendance.

Then we have the type of sober living home that Live Free Structured Sober Living in New Hampshire is.

Structured sober living is a lot more interactive. This has some paid staff who may or may not also be live on-site staff and house managers. This creates good healthy coverage and support for the residents and also provides a safer environment. There are more individual coaching sessions of recovery that are happening, house rules, chores, drug testing, group activities, and peer support groups led by staff and volunteers. Structured sober living is also very life skills driven. In our opinion this is the better option, it provides enough structure to really help attain long lasting sobriety while still giving space to the residents.

Lastly, there is an extended care model.

This model provides 24/7 staff for the beginning portion of the sober living program. These residents may be less motivated to work for their sobriety or just need more support regular life skills. These residents typically work towards more freedoms in the next phase of the sober living which eventually over time will look like typical sober living that we described in example 2. This can also be an extension of residential drug and alcohol treatment.

In closing, we say that sober living is a vital and crucial step in the journey of sobriety and drug and alcohol treatment. So finding good and quality sober living can be a task. Be sure to do your research and if you ever questions don’t hesitate to call us, even if you’re not coming to one of the amazing sober living programs that Live Free provides we will help every person that calls find the resources they need.

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